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ISO 11125-1:2014 Standard

As industries evolve and advance, the need for standardized processes and procedures becomes vital. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) plays a crucial role in providing such standards. One such standard, ISO 11125-1:2014, deals with abrasive blast-cleaning methods. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this standard.

Why is ISO 11125-1:2014 Important?

ISO 11125-1:2014 outlines the requirements for abrasive blast-cleaning before coating or lining structural steel surfaces. This process helps remove rust, scale, and other contaminants from the steel surface, ensuring a clean and uniform substrate for coating application. By adhering to this standard, industries can achieve consistent quality, minimize environmental impact, and ensure worker safety.

The Key Elements of ISO 11125-1:2014

The standard covers several essential aspects that must be considered when implementing abrasive blast-cleaning methods. It provides guidance on equipment, abrasive materials, surface preparation, and operator safety.

1. Equipment: ISO 11125-1:2014 specifies the necessary requirements for blast-cleaning equipment, including air compressors, blast pots, nozzles, and hoses. Ensuring the proper selection, installation, and maintenance of these tools is crucial for effective and safe operations.

2. Abrasive Materials: The standard defines various types of abrasive media, such as steel grit, shot, and sand. It includes requirements for their composition, size distribution, and cleanliness. Choosing the right abrasive material is essential to achieve the desired surface cleanliness without causing damage.

3. Surface Preparation: ISO 11125-1:2014 provides guidelines for the surface preparation process, including cleanliness assessment methods and shot-blasting parameters. It emphasizes the importance of achieving the specified cleanliness level before coating application.

4. Operator Safety: Safety is a significant concern in any industrial process. The standard addresses personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilation, noise levels, and other safety considerations to protect operators from potential hazards associated with abrasive blast-cleaning.


ISO 11125-1:2014 is an indispensable standard for industries involved in abrasive blast-cleaning processes. By following its guidelines, companies can ensure effective surface preparation, maintain consistent quality, and prioritize worker safety. Adhering to this standard not only benefits individual organizations but also contributes to overall industry advancement.

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