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What is EN ISO 15654:2014 ?

EN ISO 15654:2014 is an international standard that outlines the essential elements that need to be considered when producing technical content in order to ensure clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. It is designed to establish a standardized framework for creating technical articles across different industries and disciplines.

EN ISO 16614-1:2014 is an extension of the first standard, providing guidelines for organizing and presenting technical information effectively. It helps writers communicate complex ideas and information clearly to their target audience, while promoting consistency in technical writing.

One of the main benefits of using EN ISO 16614-1:2014 is that it promotes consistency in technical writing. It provides guidelines for formatting, structuring, and referencing technical articles, reducing ambiguity and increasing readability. Consistency is particularly important when multiple authors contribute to a publication, as it ensures a cohesive and unified document.

To effectively use EN ISO 16614-1:2014 when writing a professional technical article, it is essential to clearly define the purpose and scope of the article. Simple and concise language should be used, and technical terms should be avoided if possible. Additionally, it is important to follow the structure and formatting guidelines provided by the standard.

By following the guidelines outlined in EN ISO 16614-1:2014, technical writers can ensure that their articles meet the highest standards of quality and readability.

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