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What is ISO-IEC 17020:2016

ISO-IEC 17020:2016 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for the competence of bodies performing inspection activities. It provides a framework for impartial and consistent inspections, ensuring that the results obtained are reliable and accurate. Compliance with this standard is essential for inspection bodies to demonstrate their professionalism and capability.

Key Elements of ISO-IEC 17020:2016

The standard encompasses various aspects that inspection bodies need to adhere to in order to meet its criteria. These include:

Independence and impartiality: Inspection bodies must operate independently without any conflict of interest, ensuring objectivity in their findings.

Competence: Personnel responsible for inspections should possess the necessary technical knowledge, skills, and experience to perform their tasks effectively.

Quality management system: Inspection bodies need to establish and maintain a robust quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO-IEC 17020:2016.

Confidentiality: Protection of confidential information obtained during inspections is crucial. Inspection bodies must have policies and procedures in place to ensure confidentiality.

Benefits of ISO-IEC 17020:2016 Certification

Obtaining ISO-IEC 17020:2016 certification brings several advantages for inspection bodies:

Credibility and trust: Certification demonstrates the competence and reliability of the inspection body, enhancing client confidence and competitiveness in the market.

Operational efficiency: Adhering to the standard promotes effective management systems, streamlining operations, and minimizing errors.

Consistency and comparability: The standard ensures a consistent approach to inspections, allowing for the comparison of results across different bodies.

Legal compliance: Compliance with ISO-IEC 17020:2016 helps inspection bodies fulfill legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding potential penalties or disputes.


ISO-IEC 17020:2016 is a crucial standard designed to ensure the competence and integrity of inspection bodies. By complying with its requirements, these bodies can establish their professionalism, provide reliable inspection results, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Certification brings numerous benefits, including enhanced credibility, operational efficiency, consistency, and legal compliance. Investing in ISO-IEC 17020:2016 certification is a valuable step towards continuous improvement and meeting customer expectations.

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