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What does UL 62368-1 cover?

UL 62368-1 is a safety standard that covers audio/video, information and communication technology, and business equipment. It specifies the requirements for these types of products to ensure their safety and minimize any potential risks or hazards they may pose to users.

Scope of UL 62368-1

UL 62368-1 applies to a wide range of electronic equipment, including but not limited to computers, laptops, smartphones, printers, TVs, audio and video equipment, routers, switches, and other network equipment. This standard covers both consumer and professional-grade products, addressing the needs of various industries and markets.

Design and Testing Requirements

One of the key aspects of UL 62368-1 is its focus on the design and testing requirements of electronic equipment. Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet certain safety criteria, such as electrical insulation, protection against electric shock, and fire resistance. Additionally, the standard mandates that equipment must be able to withstand mechanical stress, high temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors.

An important feature of UL 62368-1 is its emphasis on hazard-based safety engineering principles. This means that manufacturers must identify and analyze potential hazards associated with their products and implement appropriate safeguards to mitigate those risks. The standard also encourages the use of risk assessment methodologies to evaluate the safety performance of equipment.

Transition from UL 60950-1 and UL 60065

Prior to the introduction of UL 62368-1, two separate standards – UL 60950-1 and UL 60065 – existed for information technology and audio/video equipment, respectively. However, with advancements in technology and the convergence of various devices, it became necessary to consolidate these standards into a single, more comprehensive standard.

UL 62368-1 provides manufacturers with a clear roadmap for transitioning from the earlier standards to the new one. This allows for a smooth and efficient process, ensuring that existing products are not rendered obsolete while facilitating the development of safer and more advanced technology.


In conclusion, UL 62368-1 is a vital safety standard that covers a wide range of electronic equipment. By specifying design and testing requirements, as well as promoting hazard-based safety engineering principles, this standard ensures that products meet stringent safety regulations. The transition from previous standards further enhances the safety and compatibility of electronic devices. Manufacturers and consumers alike can rely on UL 62368-1 to ensure the reliable and safe operation of electronic equipment in various settings and applications.

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