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What is BS EN 12567-3:2014?


In the field of engineering and construction, building envelopes play a crucial role in providing thermal insulation, weather resistance, and structural integrity to buildings. These components are subjected to various standards and regulations to ensure their quality and performance. One such standard is BS EN 12567-3:2014, which specifically focuses on the evaluation of curtain walling kits.

Understanding BS EN 12567-3:2014

BS EN 12567-3:2014 is a British Standard that outlines the requirements and test methods for curtain walling kits, including their individual components like panels, framing systems, and fixings. It sets out the criteria for evaluating the structural performance, weather tightness, and durability of curtain walling systems.

The standard defines various testing procedures that assess the ability of the curtain walling system to resist wind loads, water penetration, and air infiltration. Additionally, it covers aspects such as material properties, mechanical strength, and long-term performance of these kits.

Benefits of adhering to BS EN 12567-3:2014

Adhering to the guidelines set by BS EN 12567-3:2014 offers several advantages for both manufacturers and end-users of curtain walling kits. Firstly, it ensures the structural integrity and durability of the installed system, reducing the risk of failures and costly repairs.

Secondly, compliance with this standard enables manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and performance of their products, enhancing their reputation and credibility in the market. It assures architects, engineers, and clients that the curtain walling systems meet industry standards and will perform reliably over time.


BS EN 12567-3:2014 plays a fundamental role in the evaluation of curtain walling kits, ensuring their structural performance, weather resistance, and durability. By adhering to this British Standard, manufacturers can provide high-quality products that meet industry standards, while end-users and clients can have confidence in the performance and longevity of their chosen curtain walling systems.

Implementing BS EN 12567-3:2014 guidelines is essential for creating sustainable and efficient buildings with reliable building envelopes. It is crucial for all stakeholders involved in the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of curtain walling systems to be aware of and adhere to this standard to ensure safe and durable construction practices.

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