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What is AS 61000.6.4-2020?


AS 61000.6.4-2020 is a professional technical standard that focuses on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial environments. This standard provides guidelines and testing procedures to ensure that equipment functions properly without causing interference or malfunctioning due to electromagnetic effects.

Purpose of AS 61000.6.4-2020

The purpose of AS 61000.6.4-2020 is to establish common requirements and test methods to evaluate the immunity of equipment against conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields, using an a.c. mains power port as the coupling path. It aims to ensure that equipment can operate without disruptions in the presence of electromagnetic interference.

Key Features of AS 61000.6.4-2020

AS 61000.6.4-2020 specifies several key features to assess the immunity of equipment:

1. Test levels: The standard defines specific test levels for different types of disturbances to measure the ability of equipment to withstand them.

2. Test setup: It provides detailed guidelines on how to set up the test environment and equipment configuration for accurate measurement.

3. Test procedures: The standard outlines step-by-step procedures for conducting the tests, ensuring consistency and repeatability.

4. Reporting: It specifies the information that should be included in the test report, allowing for easy comparison and interpretation of results.

5. Compliance criteria: AS 61000.6.4-2020 sets criteria for determining if equipment meets the required immunity levels, ensuring a consistent evaluation process.

Benefits of AS 61000.6.4-2020

AS 61000.6.4-2020 brings several benefits to manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of electrical and electronic equipment:

1. Reliable performance: Compliance with this standard ensures that equipment can function as intended, even in challenging electromagnetic environments.

2. Compatibility assurance: The standard helps identify potential compatibility issues early in the development process, reducing costly redesigns or recalls.

3. Market access: Adhering to AS 61000.6.4-2020 allows manufacturers to demonstrate compliance and gain easier market access, both domestically and internationally.

4. Consumer confidence: Meeting the requirements of this standard enhances consumer trust by ensuring reliable and interference-free operation of devices.

5. Legal compliance: In some jurisdictions, adherence to AS 61000.6.4-2020 or similar standards is a legal requirement for certain types of equipment.

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