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What is BS EN 15698-1:2013?

BS EN 15698-1:2013 is a technical standard that specifies requirements and test methods for doorsets intended for installation in escape routes. This standard provides guidelines for the design, construction, and performance of fire and smoke resistant doorsets. It ensures that doorsets meet specific safety criteria and can effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke in buildings.

The Importance of BS EN 15698-1:2013

Fire safety is a critical aspect of building design, especially when it comes to protecting lives and property. BS EN 15698-1:2013 plays a significant role in ensuring that doorsets used in escape routes can withstand the harmful effects of fire and smoke. By complying with this standard, building owners and designers can enhance the overall fire safety of their premises.

Requirements and Test Methods

BS EN 15698-1:2013 outlines specific requirements for doorset performance in terms of fire resistance, smoke control, and accessibility. These requirements ensure that doorsets are capable of maintaining their integrity during a fire and prevent the passage of smoke. The standard also includes various test methods to assess the fire-resistant properties of doorsets, such as fire resistance testing and smoke leakage testing.

Compliance and Certification

In order to comply with BS EN 15698-1:2013, manufacturers and suppliers of doorsets must design and produce products that meet the specified requirements and undergo the necessary testing. Once a doorset successfully meets the standard's criteria, it can be certified as compliant. Building owners and specifiers should always look for doors that carry the appropriate certification mark to ensure they have been manufactured to a high standard.

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