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What is BS EN 13617-1:2015?

BS EN 13617-1:2015 is a professional technical standard that sets the requirements for petrol filling stations' measurements and calculations. This standard specifies the methods for verifying the correct operation and accuracy of automatic tank gauges, which are used for determining the quantity of fuel in underground storage tanks.

Verification Requirements

This section outlines the verification requirements stated in BS EN 13617-1:2015. The standard emphasizes the importance of regular checks and calibrations to ensure accurate measurement of fuel quantities. It requires the use of certified reference standards to verify the accuracy of the automatic tank gauges.

The standard also specifies the verification procedures for tank capacities, equipment settings, temperature compensations, delivery systems, and remote data transmission. These detailed verification requirements help to maintain consistent and reliable measurements in petrol filling stations.

Benefits of Compliance

Compliance with BS EN 13617-1:2015 brings several benefits to petrol filling station operators and consumers alike. Firstly, it ensures fairness in transactions as accurate measurements provide customers with the correct amount of fuel purchased.

Secondly, compliance guarantees the safety of underground storage tanks. Regular verifications help identify any potential leaks or malfunctions, preventing environmental hazards and costly cleanups.

Furthermore, adhering to this standard promotes consistency across filling stations. By following the same verification procedures, measurements become comparable between different locations, enabling fair competition in the market.


BS EN 13617-1:2015 plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate fuel measurements at petrol filling stations. Its verification requirements help maintain consistency, fairness, and safety in transactions. By complying with this standard, operators can gain consumer trust and confidence, leading to a smoother and more efficient fueling experience for everyone.

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