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What is BS EN 13523-1:2018?

BS EN 13523-1:2018 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for the coating and corrosion resistance of steel products. It is an essential document for those involved in the manufacturing and inspection of steel products, particularly those used in the construction and automotive industries.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of BS EN 13523-1:2018 is to ensure that steel products are adequately protected against corrosion through proper coating application. The standard outlines the necessary testing methods and performance requirements for coatings applied to steel surfaces.

The scope of this standard covers various types of coatings, such as organic coatings (paints), metallic coatings (zinc, aluminum, etc.), and even combination coatings. It also includes different application methods like hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating, and powder coating.

Key Requirements

BS EN 13523-1:2018 provides detailed information on the following key aspects:

Coating thickness: The standard specifies the minimum and maximum required thickness of the coating, ensuring sufficient protection against corrosion.

Adhesion: Proper adhesion of the coating to the steel substrate is crucial. The standard defines specific tests to measure adhesion strength.

Corrosion resistance: A major focus of the standard is to evaluate the ability of the coating to resist corrosion in various environments, such as indoor, outdoor, or marine conditions.

Surface preparation: Before applying the coating, the surface of the steel product needs to be adequately prepared. The standard outlines different methods for surface cleaning and treatment.

Benefits and Compliance

Compliance with BS EN 13523-1:2018 ensures that steel products meet the required quality standards. Properly coated structures and components will have improved durability, reduced maintenance costs, and longer service life.

Manufacturers and suppliers who adhere to this standard can gain a competitive advantage by providing high-quality products that meet industry specifications. Compliance also provides assurance to customers and end-users that they are receiving reliable and long-lasting steel products.

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